Everything we do at Copper Builders is geared towards building solid, long-term relationships with our clients by providing a quality service that they can trust.


Pride in Our Quality

We take pride in everything we do and stand behind our work. If we wouldn’t live in a home, we wouldn’t build it.

Exceptional People

We are a team of industry leaders with passion and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We refuse to compromise and champion high standards throughout our company, empowering our staff with the authority to make sound decisions that bring joy to our clients.


Our clients are at the core of Copper Builders, influencing every decision we make. We emphasize exceptional customer-service throughout all of our platforms and touchpoints.

Authentic Fun

Our brand is anything but uptight. We enjoy having fun and joking around in the office. We are not a stuffy place to work by any means but we are always professional and get the job done. Our mission is to create trust-based relationships with our clients, which means letting our guard down and always being authentic.


TIM PRATT, CEO OF COPPER BUILDERS, guides decisions on the same principles Wade Miller envisioned when he founded Copper Builders in 2013. Pratt and Miller have known each other and worked together for years; both are now married and raising their families in the Charlotte area. They care deeply about the reputation of the company; that drives them to do right by their clients and their team. Together they have created a team environment that allows for the human connection with each client.
THE COPPER TEAM is empowered to be hands-on and inspired by the company’s mission to build beautiful projects. In return, the team is rewarded by a family-centered culture that encourages personal and financial success, transparency and the ability to work with a group of exceptional people who are dedicated to each other’s success.

“The connection between people and community is what sets us apart and drives us to be the best at what we do.”

President / Copper Collaborative

Dennale DeFilippo, a seasoned professional with 15+ years of multifamily operations and development experience, brings expertise in various aspects of the industry, managing over 7,000 units along the East Coast. Inspired by her Division One athlete background, her core value of teamwork shapes Copper Collaborative.

With a focus on budget planning and team building, Dennale drives successful project execution while creating an empowering work environment.

Vice President / Copper Collaborative

Steve Fijalkowski, an accomplished construction professional with 25+ years of experience, brings expertise in various markets and notable projects to Copper Collaborative.

As Vice President, Steve oversees project operations, ensuring excellence, and fostering strong client and partner relationships. His reputation as a trusted leader stems from his ability to manage large-scale projects and deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. Steve’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail drive his success in the construction industry.

Director of PreConstruction / Copper Collaborative

Brent Lyons, a construction industry veteran of over 30 years, brings a rich network of trade partners to our team. With a track record spanning 30+ years,

Brent’s journey from junior estimator to VP of Pre-Con showcases his expertise across diverse markets. Notable projects like The Prospect, The Mint and Carson Project, UNCC Center City Classroom, and the Bechtler Museum stand as testament to his significant contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence.


DAVID WEBB / President, Copper Custom

David has worked in the homebuilding industry since 2001, focusing on custom residential construction. As President of the Copper Custom Division, David builds custom homes for our clients. He enjoys the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction he gets from providing the high level of customer service and communication that Copper Builders’ clients expect.

David is passionate about incorporating the latest home products and technology into every home. Energetic and organized, he loves nothing more than scratching things off his to-do list. He believes that loyalty, integrity and honesty lead to strong relationships, resulting in successful, enjoyable projects.

KACEE NEAL / Design Manager

KaCee is an award-winning designer with a passion for bringing a family’s dream home to life. With years of experience in the building industry, she has developed, implemented, and maintained a state-of-the-art design center aesthetic that highlighted current trends, product features, new vendors and showcased each community’s unique brand.

Artistic, detail oriented and well- versed in the latest design trends, KaCee is in her element when she is guiding new homeowners through the customization process of their build. She believes that a fun, client-focused, and professional atmosphere is a critical component of ensuring a successful build and customization experience.

ALYSSA STONE / Design Concierge

With a seasoned background in both sales and design, Alyssa Stone brings a unique blend of expertise to her role as Design Consultant for the FOUR09 Queens Project. Her dedication to precision, client objectives, and tailored solutions is evident in every project she undertakes.

Drawing from years of design experience & education, Alyssa crafts exceptional, timeless designs from standard to luxury spaces. Her signature touch lies in creating spaces that exude opulence while seamlessly aligning with the practicalities of everyday life. Each project bears the unmistakable mark of a designer committed to surpassing expectations, delivering spaces that are not only distinctive but also imbued with the sought-after luxury her clients desire.

HODGES MILLER / Design Concierge

Hodges has a passion for fun and color in interior design. She often starts with the art and intended use for a space and choses furniture and decor to match the mood. While she is eager to try out of the box ideas she always puts the client needs first.

Her expertise in designing model homes and corporate meeting spaces lends itself to building a functional yet welcoming shared living space. As a Charlotte native, Hodges prides herself on contributing to our community’s growth and helping build tomorrow’s historical properties.



The creation of the Dayton Butler Team at Helen Adams Realty stems from a shared vision to provide a dynamic approach in all real estate ventures – whether it be buying, selling, building, developing, or investing.

Their tenured expertise in multiple facets of real estate brings clarity to the complexities of each transaction while keeping the client’s needs at the forefront. Lauren, Angela, Becca, and Bill share a love for people, a passion for local market knowledge, and a dedication to providing the highest level of personal service to each client.

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